Solid Phase Processing Science Initiative

At PNNL, Solid Phase Processing—or SPP—involves the application of a high shear strain during metals synthesis or fabrication, to produce high-performance microstructures in alloys, semi-finished products and engineered assemblies—without melting the constitutive materials.

Solid Phase Processing Science Initiative logo

The SPP Science Initiative at PNNL

We know that materials can be developed with unprecedented properties without melting, but how? We seek to gain an understanding of the relationship between non-melt processing and resulting structure of the material that make these materials so remarkable.

Thus, PNNL’s Solid Phase Processing Science Initiative—or SPPSi—is working to understand, predict, and ultimately control the kinetic and thermodynamic pathways activated in materials subjected to high shear strain during synthesis, and/or processing.

What We are Delivering

  • Processing maps for attaining pervasively metastable states
  • Proprietary SPP instrument and tooling designs
  • First-of-its-kind in-situ rotational diamond
  • Shear transmission electron microscopy module for in-situ microstructure observation
  • Robust protocols for information transfer

The Investment

The initiative constitutes a $12.75 million investment over 5 years.