Dr. Zhou is a chemist with the Biomolecular Pathways team in PNNL’s Environmental Molecular Sciences Division and the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) user program. His research focuses on development of novel mass spectrometry techniques to understand proteins/genes with unknown function. Dr. Zhou has developed native mass spectrometry methods to study higher-order structures of unknown enzymes from microbes and plants. He also developed top-down mass spectrometry methods to characterize unknown post-translational modifications, especially histones that are involved in epigenetic control of gene expression. 


Research Interest

  • Proteins/genes within unknown function 

  • Protein post-translational modifications 

  • Native mass spectrometry 

  • Top-down proteomics 

  • Structural biology 


  • PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Ohio State University, 2013  

  • Doctoral Student in Analytical Chemistry, University of Arizona, 2008 – 2012  

  • BS in Chemistry, Wuhan University, 2008 

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • American Society for Mass Spectrometry 

Awards and Recognitions

  • College of Science Galileo Circle Scholarship, University of Arizona (2012) 



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