Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) delivers sustainable solutions that integrate systems engineering, policy, and operational expertise for an evolving national security landscape. We strive to understand end-user environments to transition technology from the developmental stage to deployment. Our diverse expertise in operational systems provides tools, technologies, and approaches for combating a range of threats, both at home and in more than 100 countries around the globe.

    We make national security technology work in the real world by:

    • Working at the intersection of science, technology, and policy to bring solutions to the global security mission.

    • Delivering critical asset protection through integrated risk analysis, optimization of security operations, and specialized training.
    • Designing and delivering fieldable solutions into operational environments.
    • Assuring the readiness, sustainability, and resilience of critical national security, operations, and infrastructure.
    • Executing domestic and international projects.
    • Integrating programmatic-level solutions dependent upon policy, regulations, next-generation technology insertion, and international operations.
    • Building next-generation talent to protect our nation for future generations.

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