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DOE's Pacific Northwest Laboratory aligns education programs to support America 2000

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June 12, 1992 Share This!

RICHLAND, Wash. — In an effort to meet national and state education goals, the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest Laboratory has become a key player in the area of statewide education reform.

PNL's many educational programs in Washington and other states will be aligned to support America 2000, an education reform and restructuring program launched by President Bush last year to publicize the nation's six education goals and convince school districts to endorse and implement them.

As part of the national America 2000 program, Governor Booth Gardner recently announced Washington 2000. Dr. William Wiley, director of PNL, has been appointed by Governor Gardner to serve on the advisory board for the Washington 2000 campaign.

The new Laboratory initiative to support these programs, called Pacific Northwest Laboratory 2000, will expand PNL's efforts to help improve science, mathematics and technology education. PNL and DOE have a strong commitment and unique resources to support Goal 4 of America 2000, which states that "U.S. students will be the first in the world in science and mathematics achievement by the year 2000."

DOE's support of the national education goals encourages PNL to commit its scientific staff and other resources to improving science and mathematics education.

Through PNL 2000, the Laboratory is one of the major forces behind the Washington Systemic Initiative in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education. "This reform program is an effort to fundamentally change the way mathematics, science and technology are taught to students in Washington," said Irene Hays, manager of PNL's Science Education Center and a member of the Initiative's Advisory Committee.

The state of Washington stands to gain $10 million from the National Science Foundation if its education reform proposal is one that wins a nationwide competition.

As part of the Initiative, PNL is developing a model to provide training and research opportunities for teachers and those training to teach in mathematics and science fields. Additionally, PNL's OPTIONS in Science program, which targets middle schools, will be extended to include school districts throughout Washington who participate in the Initiative.

The PNL 2000 program has two other goals, one to provide research experiences for precollege, undergraduate and graduate students with a special focus on students and faculty from high-minority schools and the other to team with professional scientific societies to provide educational opportunities for students and teachers.

Last year, PNL's education programs involved nearly 500 teachers and students from the elementary through post-graduate levels. Many of these programs now will directly support PNL 2000 and education Goal 4.

PNL also is spearheading the effort to create a Tri-Cities 2000 with the Tri-Cities education community and its supporters. Tri-Cities 2000 would work in conjunction with Washington 2000 and America 2000.

The Pacific Northwest Laboratory at Richland and Sequim, Washington, is a national multiprogram laboratory operated for the U.S. Department of Energy by Battelle Memorial Institute. Battelle is an international technology organization that serves industry and government by developing, commercializing and managing technology.

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Editor's note:

The six goals of AMERICA 2000 state that by the year 2000:


  • all children will come to school ready to learn,<
  • 90 percent of all students will graduate from high school
  • all students will demonstrate competency in English, math, science, history, geography and in using their minds,
  • U.S. students will be first in the world in math and science,
  • all adults will be literate, and
  • all schools will be free of drugs and violence.


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