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DOE honors Battelle staff

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September 29, 1994 Share This!

RICHLAND, Wash. — The U.S. Department of Energy honored four Battelle staff for their scientific achievements at the Department's Pacific Northwest Laboratory.

William Wiley and John Downing received the Distinguished Associate Award, one of the Department's highest honors, for outstanding individual effort and/or achievement by a DOE contractor. Ellyn Murphy and Ray Wildung received Certificates of Appreciation.

Martha Krebs, director of DOE's Office of Energy Research, presented the awards during a visit at PNL in Richland, Washington, Wednesday, September 28.

Wiley, former director of PNL, is senior vice president for science and technology policy for Battelle. The award recognizes his effort in support of DOE's science and technology missions, particularly basic research and environmental cleanup during a time of transition from national to economic security. Under Wiley's guidance, PNL grew significantly and has become a leader in environmental technologies and an expert in the area of global climate change.

Downing is physical oceanography program manager at PNL's Marine Sciences Laboratory, Sequim, Washington. The award recognizes Downing's work as technical director of DOE's Global Ocean Carbon Dioxide Survey Team.

"Downing has distinguished himself as a scientist, inventor, mentor and science manager," said Krebs. "Most recently, his unique contributions to DOE have included implementation of standard materials and instrumentation for the measurement of carbon dioxide in the ocean; patenting, with colleagues, an expendable ocean measuring device; mentoring high school students and young scientific staff and providing astute guidance to the Small Business Innovative Research Program."

Murphy and Wildung were cited for their efforts in geochemistry and defining the Earth's biosphere. Murphy is a senior research scientist. Wildung is manager of PNL's Environmental Sciences Research Center.

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