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PNL is wired: Lab places information on the Internet

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March 24, 1995 Share This!

RICHLAND, Wash. — Imagine using your computer to search the world for the latest information on global climate change or to locate an article on breast cancer research. This wasn't possible a few years ago, but today with easier access to the Internet, your computer is a valuable tool for gathering timely news and information.

In an effort to meet public demand for more timely access to information, the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest Laboratory has developed an electronic "home page" that is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.


The Internet is an international computer network that is accessible by more than 50 million people worldwide. Its uses vary from simple electronic mail messages to complex data file transfers, and from videoconferencing to multimedia displays of information. Information available on the Internet ranges from news about the latest research taking place at national laboratories to what courses are offered at the University of Hawaii.


PNL's home page is like an electronic book filled with pages of information about the Laboratory and its scientific programs. The public can access PNL's information through the World Wide Web, which is an Internet service that allows users of software browsing tools such as Mosaic or Netscape, to view not only text but also audio and video clips and graphics. PNL's information also can be accessed by software tools that read text only.

The debut of PNL's home page enables the public to instantly access information ranging from the latest efforts in the chemical, earth, material and molecular sciences to business information -- including technology transfer programs and PNL's annual report. The home page also contains documents about human subjects research and provides access to the Tank Waste Information Network System. Other online information includes scientific articles, research abstracts and detailed information on the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory.

News & Information

Another PNL online information source that may interest the media is the News and Information home page. This page includes news releases, tip sheets and background papers on research and development activities at the Laboratory. Incorporated in the News and Information home page is a tool that allows reporters to search the information by keywords. The page also has an electronic mail program that allows reporters to send messages to PNL's Media & External Communications staff. Messages will be answered within 24 hours.

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