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Battelle's PNNL Contract Extended Five Years

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April 18, 1996 Share This!

Issued by Battelle

RICHLAND, Wash. — U.S. Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary announced today the approval of a five- year extension for Battelle Memorial Institute's operating contract of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. The current contract expires in September 1997.

Battelle's performance-based incentive fee contract was the first of its kind among all Department of Energy national laboratories, part of the Department's contract reform initiative. The contract includes a share-of-savings provision as well as a regular fixed fee.

"Battelle's savings initiatives are an excellent example of the Clinton Administration's efforts to make government work more effectively and at less cost. With contract reform in place, Battelle has moved the laboratory to higher standards of management and operational practices with Lab Director Dr. Bill Madia and his world-class team. I was extremely pleased to see that last year the laboratory received its highest ever ratings on response and performance," said Secretary O'Leary.

In his contract extension recommendation to headquarters, John Wagoner, Manager of DOE's Richland Operations Office, noted that Battelle's initiatives are projected to achieve up to $60 million in savings by FY 1997. He emphasized that the extension would ensure continuation of critical work in areas of urgent risks, enhancement of worker safety, development of environmental technology, and would assist in the economic transition of the region.

During the recent Hanford downsizing, the Laboratory experienced considerable staff reduction. Nonetheless, Battelle succeeded in its mission support of Hanford contractors. According to Bob Rosselli, DOE's Assistant Manager for Science and Technology, "With a proactive management PNNL has focused its lines, not only in support of Hanford but other department missions as well. They've successfully positioned themselves for future growth in service to the department and its national objectives."

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