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Kristin Omberg, Manager
Phone: (509) 375-2934

Signatures Science and Technology Division

Trace Organic Analysis

The Trace Organic Analysis Team has extensive capabilities for the trace detection of chemicals in complex samples. The team capabilities include: the development of materials for enhanced separation and detection, environmental chemical forensics, the development and testing of field portable instrumentation for trace chemical and explosive detection, and metabolomics for detection of chemical and/or radiological exposure and other applications. Our materials capabilities include chemical synthesis and the development and demonstration of a range of nanomaterials for enhanced detection and analysis of explosives, chemical, biological and radiological materials. We also develop advanced separation and mass spectrometry methods using state of the art instruments, and conduct research to develop improved analytical methods and instruments (e.g., ion mobility spectrometry, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, and isotope ratio mass spectrometry).

Signatures Science and Technology

National Security Directorate