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Operational Safeguards & Logistics

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Assessing, assuring, and enhancing the readiness, effectiveness, and sustainability of critical national security and defense related operations


Operations Readiness & Sustainability

Developing and implementing a systems approach to ensuring stakeholder operations readiness and sustainability of deployed technologies. Achieving mission objectives through pre- and post-deployment operational assessment and assurance, instructional systems design, training and exercises, stakeholder procedure development, maintenance and technical support programs, and other stakeholder and operator engagement.

Instructional Systems for Operations

Developing, implementing, and supporting instructional systems for deployed technologies. Subject matter experts and coordinators specialize in instructional systems and material development, delivery, and logistical support for operator and maintenance education.

Supply Chain Innovation & Infrastructure Analysis

Conducting research, development, and analysis of supply chain and logistics solutions and policies to enhance operational efficiency, resilience, and sustainment of critical national security and defense missions and infrastructure. Focus areas include defense logistics and sustainment, supply chain management, operational energy and power systems, critical infrastructure modeling and analysis, and export control.

Operational Safeguards, Security, & Safety

Provides subject matter expertise and technical leadership for the planning, assessment, and implementation of safeguards, security, and emergency operations. Utilizing operational experience, team members identify and implement policy, process, and technology improvements to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of mission critical activities in the areas of insider threat protection, human reliability, information security, technical security, physical security, threat and risk assessment, and emergency and consequence management operations at facility and enterprise levels.

Insider Risk Mitigation

Leading and implementing reliability programs utilizing polygraph examination and analysis. Supporting research and development of next generation deception indicator technologies.

Project Lifecycle Management

Providing project and risk management, coordination, and administrative support for Project Management Office, Program Development Office, and large program operations.

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