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Advanced Engineereed Systems

Designing and delivering fieldable solutions into operational environments


The Advanced Engineered Systems Group includes more than 55 staff with expertise in electrical engineering, physical sciences, mechanical engineering, and computer science. The group technical contributions range from concept development to feasibility testing and evaluation, prototype development for lab and field evaluation, development and deployment of equipment to meet client application requirements, and commercialization of technologies.

Mission Areas

E&MS is enabling sponsors to achieve better situational awareness and control to successfully address their missions in the following areas:

Safeguards and Security: Developing & delivering improved threat detection, characterization, tagging & monitoring equipment/systems

Energy: Understanding grid loading so that utilization can be optimized efficiently

Defense: Monitoring asset health to allow maintenance as needed and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs

Environment: Improving knowledge of marine ecosystems through advanced sensing to facilitate sustainable ocean energy development

Systems Engineering Approach

AES provides specialized data and highly customized hardware solutions using a systems engineering approach.

Research and Design

  • Electronic design
  • Firmware/software
  • Mechanical
  • Communications
  • Sensors/algorithms
  • Test and evaluation

Development and Verification

  • User needs analysis
  • System verification
  • Requirements definition
  • Qualification and compliance testing

Production and Deployment

  • Technology transfer
  • Low rate initial production
  • System integration
  • Field studies

For more information, contact at (509) 372-4778.

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