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Systems Engineering & Integration

In the areas of national security, energy, and the environment, PNNL delivers high-impact, science-based solutions for our clients. We are a leader in systems engineering and integration, and we've been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy for our capability to apply and integrate our expertise across many disciplines to develop, demonstrate, and deploy cost-effective solutions for a wide array of government and corporate clients. PNNL is a corporate advisory board member for the International Council on Systems Engineering.

The Systems Engineering and Integration Division applies a diverse set of science and engineering capabilities in the form of expert staff, laboratories, and unique test facilities for small- and large-scale programs. By using robust systems engineering approaches, our staff creates holistic solutions for clients based on their requirements, with a focus on accelerating the rate of innovation and domestic and global impact. Technical expertise, systems engineering, and project management excellence are leveraged to solve the nation's most challenging and complex problems.

PNNL's technical capabilities for systems engineering and integration are organized in the following five technical groups:

  • Nonproliferation Systems Integration: Advancing domestic security objectives while minimizing effects on worldwide commerce through expert delivery of technologies, policy analysis, and operational training
  • Electronics & Measurement Systems: Developing field-ready, integrated hardware solutions and delivering timely, actionable information with cutting-edge, embedded systems and wireless communications
  • Operational Safeguards & Logistics: Assessing, assuring, and enhancing the readiness, effectiveness, and sustainability of critical national security and defense related operations
  • Physical Protection Implementation: Protecting our nation's critical infrastructure through expertise in nuclear safeguards and security, physical security systems design and testing, tactical response, and vulnerability assessments
  • Global Security, Technology & Policy Providing innovative concepts that integrate policy, science, and technology into unique solutions to complex national and global security challenges

Systems Engineering & Integration

National Security Directorate

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