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Computing and Analytics Job Openings

Computing Careers at PNNL

PNNL has been a leader in advancing computational and mathematical foundations that have proven to enable next-generation technologies for over two decades. We build multi-disciplinary teams that transcend traditional domain boundaries, utilizing the best solutions and brightest minds to address our nation’s greatest computational challenges in energy, the environment, national security and fundamental science.

Currently, the following positions are available:

Job Title Closing
309372 PhD Intern - Multi-disciplinary Statistics Intern 5/24/2019
309393 Cyber Security Analyst 5/25/2019
309010 Network Engineer Associate, II 5/28/2019
309011 Cyber Security Researcher 5/28/2019
309009 Cyber Security Analyst 5/28/2019
309388 Technical Artist 5/28/2019
309136 DoD Cyber Security Engineer/Computer Scientist 5/31/2019
308744 Data Scientist - Machine Learning and Human Machine Teaming 5/31/2019
308797 Data Scientist - Machine Learning and Human Machine Teaming 5/31/2019
308690 User Experience Designer 5/31/2019
308669 Software Engineer 5/31/2019
308670 Software Engineer, Advanced Career 5/31/2019
308883 Technical Artist 6/1/2019
308841 User Experience Designer 6/2/2019
309389 Machine Learning Researcher 6/5/2019
309286 Data Scientist - Intermediate - Applied Machine Learning 6/13/2019
309012 Malware Analyst 7/26/2019

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