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Statistical Sciences

interactive data visualizations of complex operational processes

PNNL is working to develop easy to understand, interactive data visualizations of complex operational processes, helping to connect gaps in capabilities with projects and funding requirements needed to close these gaps.

Statistics is the branch of mathematics focused on the collecting and interpreting data in a manner ensuring that data collection will produce valid results and analysis will generate defensible results. PNNL is home to one of the largest teams of statisticians in the U.S. Department of Energy Laboratory complex. Statistical research at PNNL is focused on using the foundations of statistical theory to develop novel methods and applications of statistical methodologies to unique data sources across various challenging scientific domains. The statistics team is recognized for the development of statistical products of high utility and quality for a variety of scientific and operational domains by integrating statistical methods research and development, high-performance statistical computing and domain expertise.


  • Optimal sampling and experimental designs
  • Classical and Bayesian statistical methods
  • Stochastic processes, probability theory and measurement error
  • Exploratory data analysis and signature discovery
  • Feature selection
  • Statistical visualization
  • High-performance statistical computing
  • Nondestructive-reliability analysis
  • Streaming analytics
  • Questionnaire design and analysis
  • Algorithm and instrument performance

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