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Applied Statistics & Computational Modeling

The Applied Statistics and Computational Modeling group is comprised of highly skilled statisticians, operations researchers, and data scientists focus on developing statistical and mathematical models to provide solutions and to quantify and control uncertainty in support of national security decision makers and to further scientific discovery.

These PNNL researchers apply rigorous and systematic planning techniques for each analysis to identify the problem, variables, environmental factors, risks and desired outcomes of each study. What differentiates PNNL data and operational analyses, is the close connection and teaming with subject matter experts throughout the data analysis process, as well as a keen focus on operations and operational implications when appropriate to the problem at hand.

As leaders in applied statistics and mathematics research, our unique perspective provides practical solutions to important problems and generates data to influence policy decisions in industry and government.

  • National security risk analyses
  • Aviation safety
  • Counterterrorism
  • Cyber security
  • Environmental sampling and remediation
  • Hydrological and geophysical studies
  • Monitoring border crossings
  • Nuclear terrorism risk management
  • Radiation/nuclear detection
  • Pandemic infectious diseases
  • Energy grid
  • Waste glass composition
  • Investigative forensics
  • Climate modeling and forecasting
  • Bio-marker discovery

For more information, contact at (509) 375-2292 .

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