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The Applied Physics Group stewards PNNL's National Security Directorates non-nuclear measurement science capabilities. The three broad capability areas include Electromagnetics/Radiography, Optics/Infrared Spectroscopy, and Acoustics/Ultrasonics. AP consists of approximately 65 scientists and engineers who utilize, develop, and deploy advanced measurement systems and methods anchored by an in-depth appreciation of the underpinning science.

Our expertise and the associated facilitates are leveraged against a wide range of national challenges and needs. Examples are standoff explosives and threat detection and noninvasive process and structural health monitoring. An area of significant impact and activity involves nuclear power diagnostics and prognostics. Among the diverse areas of technical expertise are RF/Radar engineering, antenna design, materials science and failure mechanisms, chemistry, spectroscopy, and multi-physics simulation. Advanced simulation tools are routinely used to significantly reduce measurement system development cost and cycle time. Key competencies also include advanced signal/image analysis, and multimodal signature development. Our talented and versatile staff, drawing upon knowledge gained through extensive experience in government- and industry-sponsored research activities, provide a continuum of expertise from basic science theory through hardware development.

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