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PNNL Researchers Praised by Regional Responder Agencies

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) Seattle staff Steve Stein and Ann Lesperance of the National Security Directorate were recently thanked by regional emergency response organizations to support emergency management and public safety at the local level.

"Our relationship with PNNL has enabled us to work on critical public safety issues and to continue to improve our emergency response capabilities throughout the entire Pacific Northwest," said Steve Bailey, Director of the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management, in a letter to PNNL's Laboratory Director. Joe Huden, Everett Office of Emergency Management, also thanked Stein and Lesperance. "The bottoms-up approach used by PNNL to understand our needs and requirements and then push forward projects that meet those needs has been both refreshing and effective."

Stein serves as director of PNNL's Northwest Regional Technology Center for Homeland Security, Lesperance as deputy director for Regional Programs. Both work extensively with regional response agencies to identify needs and deploy solutions to homeland security challenges. << Back to Highlights

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