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Ian Gorton guest editor for IEEE Computer

Ian Gorton

This month, the Data-Intensive Computing Initiative's Chief Architect, Ian Gorton, is Guest Editor of a special issue in IEEE Computer, the flagship publication of the 85,000-member IEEE Computer Society. Ian led the team of editors in the development, request for papers and review of this special issue dedicated to current and future problems in data-intensive computing. The editorial highlights the importance of solving these grand challenges and suggests a path for research activities. As PNNL provided the editorial introduction, the lab refrained from publishing submissions in this issue, rather a paper will be published in the May issue of IEEE Computer highlighting the lab's research activities in this area.

Gorton co-authored the issue's introduction, Data-Intensive Computing in the 21st Century, along with additional Guest Editors Paul Greenfield of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Alex Szalay of John Hopkins University, and Roy Williams of the California Institute of Technology. After publication of the special issue, PNNL's DICI website became the top hit on Google when searching "data intensive computing."

For more information, visit the DICI website.

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