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Interdisciplinary Team at PNNL Awarded for Excellence in Hazardous Materials Management

In December 2008, Mike Cantaloub and a team of staff from the Operational Systems Directorate and Business Systems Directorate received an award from the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (ACHMM). Their award for "Excellence in Hazardous Materials Management" honors the development and implementation of the ChemAgain program started in October of 2007.

ChemAgain diverts high-quality, high-demand chemicals from the PNNL waste stream and makes them available for redistribution to other PNNL, DOE or non-profit entities. Prior to October 2007, redistribution of chemicals was dependent on individual efforts of research and waste management staff. The ChemAgain chemical exchange puts surplus chemical products back to productive use by redistributing them to others who can use them onsite or offsite. The ChemAgain program eliminates purchase cost to the new owner and the cost of disposal for the current owner.

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