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National Security

Application of Nanomaterials to National Security

PNNL is developing and demonstrating a range of nanomaterials with application to national security needs. We design and create nanomaterials for specific applications by controlled integration of specific surface chemistries with nanostructures that provide unique capabilities. Materials are systematically constructed to provide specific solutions using sequential chemical synthesis processes supported by careful material characterization. The nanostructures provide novel and valuable features such as high surface areas to enable better chemical collection, high optical output for better signaling or high magnetism to provide dynamic material control for separations. Installation of a surface chemistry on the nanomaterial can impart high affinity and selectivity for the targeted species (e.g. heavy metals, toxic chemical, radionuclides, and protein toxins to name only a few).


  • Application of Nanomaterials to National Security
    Effective personal protection and counter terrorist forensic analyses require efficient capture of chemical weapons materials and the exclusion of interferents. Surface functionalized nanostructured sorbent materials developed at PNNL provide higher selectivity and capacity for chemical weapons compounds than current sorbents.

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