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FEDS - Facility Energy Decision System


Here are some formal testimonials we have received from FEDS users. If you would be willing to share your FEDS experience, please send the information to .

"It is the best available software Systems Corp has seen for accomplishing the top-down management approach to making decisions for energy retrofit projects."
– Systems Corp for the Office of the Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of Defense

"Since attending the FEDS Workshop, I have used the program to model three types of county buildings...the time required using FEDS was the better part of 1 week; whereas, the macula audit took about 4 months. I know that I will find this to be a useful tool."
– Jim H. Winslett, Energy Management Engineer for Fulton County, Georgia

"I have been able to use the FEDS data for several energy reports, modifying billing estimates, and providing input to the Demand Side Management Program...I can prepare reports and do assessments now that were not being done in the past."
– Rene Quinones, Fort Irwin, California