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FEDS 7.0 is now available. (Find out how to get your copy!)

Available Upgrades

Updates to the FEDS 7.0 software are provided for download here and contain a number of important enhancements, data updates, and corrections. A number of the changes (including data updates and new energy escalation rates) may have significant impacts on your analyses and it is therefore highly recommended to download and install the latest update as soon as possible. Updates are cumulative and contain all previous enhancements so it is only necessary to install the latest version. Key changes in this and all previous updates are noted below.

FEDS 7.1 Update

Key changes in FEDS 7.1 include the following:

  1. New energy escalation rate projections from NIST
  2. Inference data improvements.
  3. Lighting data updates and bug fixes primarily related to CFL and LED fixtures.
  4. Correction to occasional error in terminal reheat sizing when running inferences.
  5. Improvement to electric energy and demand cost valuation and reporting.
  6. Updated project cost and performance data for chillers and chiller system components and exit signs.
  7. Updated labor hour estimates for select lighting, window, and hot water retrofits.
  8. Improved retrofit restrictions, including additional detail for infrared systems, chillers, and windows, plus fixes for storm windows and induction lighting.
  9. New breakout of project costs on the Detailed Retrofit – Spreadsheet (csv) report, to list Materials, Labor, and Indirect costs.
  10. Fix to rare issue where the Calibration report would not generate.
  11. Update to correct issues identified on Retrofit Summary Report.
  12. Other minor corrections and enhancements.

Download the FEDS 7.1 Update
Note: you must have FEDS 7.0 installed before you can install this update.


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FEDS 7.0