Actinide Separations Conference 2021

650 Horn Rapids Road, Richland, Washington, 99354

The May 2020 Actinide Separations Conference has been postponed to May 18-20, 2021, because of COVID-19 concerns. This conference provides a forum in which scientists and engineers can meet annually to present and discuss problems, experiences, results of research in progress, and other matters of interest concerning development, testing, and application of actinide and fission product separations chemistry and engineering. Scope Presentation of results of both bench–scale and pilot plant–scale research and development (R&D) studies of new and/or improved methods, both aqueous and nonaqueous, and equipment for recovering, separating, and, where appropriate, purifying individual actinide elements and associated fission products or groups of actinides as well as associated fission products from any matrix for analytical, waste treatment, immobilization, or medical and industrial purposes. Discussions of plant-scale experience with and testing of new and/or improved technology and equipment for recovering, separating, and purifying actinide elements or associated fission products. Presentation and discussion of any technology or experience that is directly and clearly related to the separation of actinide elements or associated fission products.