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Tech Business Directory

The Tech Business Directory is a free database of technology-based* businesses in Benton and Franklin Counties in Southeastern Washington State. It is sorted by company name (alphabetical order) and by sector. It contains a description of each business's products and services as well as publicly available contact information for each firm.

To have your company considered for inclusion in a future edition of the directory, please contact Robin Conger.

*Businesses are defined as technology-based according to certain North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes identified by the U.S. Department of Labor, Washington Technology Center, Technology Alliance, and other groups. These businesses are generally defined as those in industries with 7% or more workers in technology occupations such as engineers, scientists, computer programmers, technicians, and statisticians. (The sectors themselves, not necessarily individual businesses, employ 7% or more technology workers.) By this definition, technology-based businesses exclude those that are strictly in manufacturing or sales, without an R&D component. So a business in the audiovisual equipment design and manufacturing sector would be included here, but businesses in the electronics retail sector would not be.


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