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Tri-Cities Tech Business Update

February 2013 Issue

How to Successfully Explain Your Start-Up

Lee LeFever of Seattle's Common Craft, known for making explanatory videos for the likes of Google and Twitter, has written a new book, The Art of Explanation. In a special column for GeekWire, he shares key tenets for startups trying to explain their businesses.

Meet Alex, he's a start-up founder with a technical background. For the past year, he and his team have been refining their product and recently decided to start talking about it publicly. But something was wrong. Each time Alex explained it, people seemed to tune out. How would this ever be successful if he couldn't get people interested in his product? Alex's problem was not design, engineering, funding, or marketing - it was explanation. In order to help pitch your start-up idea, try these tips, like focusing on empathy, building context, or telling a simple story. Read more...


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