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Communicating Your Company's Message for Growth and Success

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
7:15 AM to 8:30 AM
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Location: Richland Community Center

The Three Rivers Entrepreneur Network presents its March meeting topic: Communicating Your Company's Message for Growth and Success presented by Michael Hartwig.

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Michael Hartwig
Michael Hartwig
Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Imaging Technologies, Inc.

What You'll Learn

  • No one can communicate your message better than you
  • Elevators also go down—why having a clear message is important
  • The role of communicating your message in capital raising, business growth, and exit strategies
  • Practical approaches to communicating your message
  • Every company is a marketing company—they just don't know it

Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Those responsible for management, marketing, communications, capital raising, and/or strategic planning
  • Business communicators
  • Consultants

About the Speaker and Advanced Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Michael Hartwig, Chief Operating Officer Advanced Imaging Technologies, Inc., has 16 years of progressive management and financial expertise assisting early-stage, rapid growth and multi-national companies in completing numerous financial transactions totaling over $400 million in equity and $5 billion in debt. His experience includes CEO, COO and CFO positions in the financial services, telecommunications, information technology, medical imaging and gaming industries.

Prior to joining AIT, Mr. Hartwig founded the Ketto Group, a firm specializing in strategic communication / marketing, mergers and acquisitions, structured debt and private equity placements. The firm has managed over $50 million in capital market transactions. Prior to founding the Ketto Group, he was COO and CFO of a national privately held financial services company where he was responsible for building the management and financial infrastructure of the company that allowed it to originate, hold and service over $1.5 billion of assets. Mr. Hartwig has held senior-level positions with several technology-oriented companies, including NEC, Inc. where he developed a strong background in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, accounting, and strategic planning. Mr. Hartwig graduated from Eastern Washington University with a B.S in Finance and Economics.

Advanced Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Advanced Imaging Technologies, Inc. (AIT) develops, manufactures and markets the ARIA Breast Imaging System. The ARIA technology delivers data-rich image sets of greater diagnostic quality and detail. ARIA does not use ionizing radiation, or require painful breast compression, so patients receive a safe and comfortable breast exam. The goal of AIT is to provide medical professionals with an integrated, cost-effective and intuitive solution for imaging women with dense breast tissue, improving diagnostic confidence in these often difficult cases.

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