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Technology Assistance Program

Are you a small, cleantech business interested in applying for technology assistance through DOE’s Small Business Vouchers Pilot? Learn more here.
Technology Assistance Program

Is your small, technology based business faced with a specific challenge, but lacking the necessary resources or expertise to pave a clear path forward? Would technical assistance from a world class scientist or engineer help your company? If the answer is yes, the Technology Assistance Program at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory may be just what you're looking for.

The Technology Assistance Program leverages PNNL's expertise in a variety of scientific disciplines to help members of the tech-based small business community solve important challenges free of charge.

Examples of assistance include:

  • advising on existing or emerging products
  • providing advanced technology for hardware and software applications
  • improving production and manufacturing processes
  • resolving technical problems.
  • performing scientific peer reviews
  • recommending energy conservation and environmental technologies.

Small businesses that use PNNL's free Technology Assistance Program are eligible to receive a royalty-free license for technology developed through the program.


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