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Entrepreneur Support Catalog

Entrepreneur Support

This online database helps small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Tri-Cities, Washington area find support to prosper and grow. It is also intended to help the organizations listed make referrals to other organizations.

All of the information in the Entrepreneur Support Catalog is added and maintained by the organizations listed. The database contains information about not-for-profit organizations only, although some of the organizations listed will make referrals to for-profit organizations (e.g., accountants) as appropriate.

Types of Support

  • Education/Training — offer training or education to entrepreneurs or to employees of small businesses.
  • Funding — offer financing to small businesses, or who otherwise assist businesses in obtaining financing.
  • General Management/Business Planning — provide business consulting services and/or assist in preparing business plans.
  • Government/Private Accounting — assist, or make referrals to other organizations that assist, in setting up management or tax accounting systems, or accounting systems for compliance with government subcontracting regulations.
  • Grant Writing — assist small businesses in writing proposals to obtain federal, state, and other grants.
  • Incubator Services — offer subsidized office, laboratory, or manufacturing space to fledgling businesses as well as other services such as clerical and telecommunications support.
  • Information Source — provide information to small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • International Services — assist small businesses in conducting business in foreign countries, typically import, export, marketing, and regulatory assistance.
  • Legal/Patent Services — provide, or make referrals to other organizations that provide, legal and patent advice, particularly in the area of intellectual assets.
  • Marketing Services — assist small businesses in conducting market research and in developing marketing plans.
  • Miscellaneous — provide services not described above.
  • Regulatory Assistance — provide advice about regulatory understanding and compliance.
  • Site Selection — help find and obtain sites for business relocation and expansion.
  • Technical Assistance/User Facilities — provide technical advice to businesses or that make their facilities and equipment available to businesses for short-term use.