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PNNL Business Systems Directorate

Business to Business (B2B)

Business to Business, or B2B, is one example of how Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is doing business better! B2B is an electronic purchasing mechanism which can be used by PNNL staff to purchase commercial, off-the-shelf items from selected suppliers. Our current B2B suppliers offer office supplies, lab supplies, computer hardware, computer software, pipe valves and fittings, janitorial products, electronic components, electrical supplies, industrial supplies, and compressed gas.

PNNL utilizes cXML technology within PeopleSoft to implement punchouts (connections) directly to supplier web catalogs, to automatically generate purchase orders and send them directly to the supplier, and to load cXML invoice files sent by the supplier.


The B2B Program is focused on aligning its goals with those of PNNL's Small Business Program.
One of the primary goals of the B2B Program is to improve efficiencies throughout the entire acquisition lifecycle (i.e., ordering, costing, tax applicability, receiving, returns, 'Green' purchasing).


Use of B2B at PNNL has resulted in both cost and time savings for staff, while increasing the Lab’s compliance with DOE purchasing guidelines.

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