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PNNL Business Systems Directorate


Activity Specific Electrical Worker Qualification

Alternative Means of Isolating Hazardous Energy from Specific Equipment

Authorized Worker Requirements

Authorized Worker Simple LOTO Criteria

Authorized Worker Simple LOTO Form

Battelle Isolation/Outage Request Form

Checklist for Insulating Rubber Gloves

Competent Person Designation

Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Evaluation

Confined Space Reclassification to Non-Permit

Construction Supervisor Safety Inspection Checklist

Contractor Environment Safety and Health Manual

Contractor Nonconformance Report

Criteria for Proceeding with Verbal Authorization Only

Daily Excavations/Trenches Safety Inspection Checklist and Inspection Log

Electrical Work Permit

Excavation Detail Sketch

Fall Protection Work Plan

Federal and State Medical Surveillance Requirements

Group Lockout and Tagout

Hazardous Energy Control Training Matrix

Hazardous Energy Isolation Practices

HESP Arc Flash Calculator

Job Safety Analysis

Job Safety and Health Protection

Lockout and Tagout Hazards Analysis Process

Lockout and Tagout Written Instruction Form

Lockout/Tagout Temporary Lifts Form

Locks, Tags, and other Devices for Hazardous Energy Control

Management Removal of Lock and Tag

Orientation Checklist

Orientation Record

Periodic Inspection Checklist

PNNL Contractor Employee Job Task Analysis Form

PNNL Visitors Orientation

Pre-job Safety Briefing Checklist

Procedure for Temporary Lift of Lockout and Tagout Devices

Removal of Energy Control Devices of an Absent Authorized Worker

Right to a Safe and Healthful Workplace

Safety Meeting Sign-in Roster

Scaffolds Inspection Checklist

Silica Exposure Control Plan

Subcontractor Working with Open Flame Permit

Temporary Protective Grounding

Training Attendance Record

Transferring a Lock and Tag during Shift and Personnel Changes

Using an Authorized Worker Representative to Perform the Lock and Tag Safe-to-Work Check

Weekly Safety Meeting Agenda

Worker Protection for DOE Contractor Employees