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Halappanavar to Lead Analysis and Algorithms Team
Analysis and Algorithms part of ACMD Division's Data Sciences group(December 2014)

The Dynamics of Mixing
New math model mingles many processes to examine mixing fronts in porous media flows(December 2014)

Addressing Irregular Applications
John Feo and Antonino Tumeo on deck to co-edit 'Parallel Computing' special issue(November 2014)

A High-Tech Team
John Feo and Antonino Tumeo re-team as co-editors for 'Computer' special issue(October 2014)

A Shiny, New Graph Query System
GEMS software provides a scalable solution for graph queries over increasingly large data sets(October 2014)

Stretched to the Limit
Aluminum alloy manufacturing process simulation to be featured in MS&T'14 technical program(October 2014)

Fueled by Algorithms
Improvements to classical graph theory have far-reaching potential to impact modern-day problem solving(October 2014)

To Protect and Serve
PNNL's Multiscale Graph Analytics Framework for cyber security featured at GraphLab Conference(August 2014)

Gordon Bell Prize Narrowed to Five Finalists
PNNL's Adolfy Hoisie Chairs Association for Computing Machinery's Gordon Bell Prize Committee(August 2014)

Comm Link
Framework generates communication-optimal algorithms for contracting distributed tensors; may represent new state of the art(July 2014)

Kleese van Dam to Discuss Computing Infrastructure Deployment at SMC2014
Invited to address infrastructure for big data, analytics and scalable applications session(July 2014)

Match. Color. Repeat.
Combinatorial graph techniques put schedulers in the driver's seat(June 2014)

Tracking Data Changes
ARM Data Integration team to showcase data versioning model at BigData 2014(June 2014)

Automotive Body Building
Integrated computational manufacturing process simulation models can prevent sheet failures in automobile alloy materials(June 2014)

Inverse Modeling of X-ray Imaging to Combat Nuclear Materials Trafficking
Algorithm could improve detection capabilities in current X-ray detectors(May 2014)

Parasol Takes its Place in the Cloud
Architecture for cross-cloud federated graph queries to be featured at ACM SIGMOD workshop(May 2014)

PNNL Team Included Among IEEE Technologies for Homeland Security Best Papers
Homeland Security Affairs issues special supplement showcasing top-five papers(May 2014)


Palm: Making Application Modeling Easier
New tool eases the burden of creating and reproducing analytical performance models(May 2014)

Simplifying Exascale Application Development
Scientists apply new graph programming method for evolving applications aimed at the exascale(April 2014)

Surpassing Boundaries in Fluid Dynamics
Novel mathematical method provides computationally efficient way to model boundary conditions in fluid flows(February 2014)


Powering Performance at the Exascale
Optimal performance within stringent power and reliability requirements is the main design criterion for exascale systems(February 2014)

Parallel in time.

Better Chemistry Through Computing
Parallel in time algorithms speed up molecular simulation time scales(February 2014)

satellite view of top of atmosphere with moon

Model Parameter Proving Ground
Testing an atmospheric model's radiative flux sensitivities at the top of the atmosphere(January 2014)

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