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Stream flowing through rocks with binary data on top

Testing a Land Model's Water Cycle Simulation Skills
Uncertainty exposed and characterized in model's hydrologic parameters(December 2013)

PNNL Scientists Tackle Data-scaling Challenges in New Paper
Group to present as part of DISCS-2013 in Denver(November 2013)

Seeking Out Silent Threats to Simulation Integrity
Controlling the impact of soft errors on optimization algorithm results(September 2013)

Detecting the Secrets of the Universe Deep Underground
Using advanced detection techniques, scientists will attempt to detect a Majorana Particle.(August 2013)

Ron Taylor Examines Synthetic Biology at Gordon Conference
Synthetic biology may "reprogram" life as we know it(July 2013)

No Downtime for Communication
New framework allows for asynchronous communication in exascale machines(February 2013)

journal cover image

The Biology of Plague
Systems approach used to investigate strains of Yersinia(January 2013)

PNNL, UW tackle big data with joint computing institute
Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing seeks solutions to real-world problems(January 2013)

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