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Python Bindings Snake into Global Arrays Toolkit
Programming language gets new support for writing high-performance computer codes(September 2011)

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Novel High-Performance Hybrid System for Semantic Factoring of Graph Databases
PNNL team wins second place in "Billion Triple Challenge"(September 2011)

Modeling the Bizarre: Quantum Superfluids
Research could improve understanding of nuclear reactions, neutron stars(June 2011)

Data Distribution

Fewer Faults for Faster Computing
A scalable fault tolerance model for high-performance computational chemistry(April 2011)

Predicting immune system responses

Defending Against Disease
Predicting immune system responses to various stimuli(April 2011)

Ru02 Diagram

Accounting for Scale in Catalysis
Model simulates catalyst's heat transfer, thickness, and feedstock movement(March 2011)

EMSL tank

EMSL Selects First-Ever Research Campaigns
Teams aim for groundbreaking results in catalysis, biomass processes(March 2011)

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