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July 2016

They've Still Got 'Game'

Work from PNNL's Asymmetric Resilient Cybersecurity initiative gets the 'SIAM News' spotlight

Thanks to a team from PNNL’s National Security and Physical and Computational Sciences directorates, the current issue of SIAM News is giving readers a closer look at how game theory and uncertainty quantification are increasingly being applied to cyber defense applications.

(Clockwise from top left): Chatterjee, Halappanavar, Oster, and Tipireddy.

For the issue’s research spotlight article, “Game Theory and Uncertainty Quantification for Cyber Defense Applications,” authors Samrat Chatterjee (NSD’s Operations Research Team), Mahantesh Halappanavar (Data Sciences, ACMD Division), Ramakrishna Tipireddy (Computational Mathematics, ACMD Division), and Matthew Oster (NSD’s Operations Research Team) showcase their progressive and ongoing work on game-theoretic and uncertainty quantification methods that model the dynamics between cyber attackers and defenders with the potential to address proactive resource allocation challenges within resilient cyber systems.

For more about PNNL’s work on game models for cybersecurity, read the SIAM News article here.

Article Reference:
Chatterjee S, M Halappanavar, R Tipireddy, and M Oster. July 21, 2016. “Game Theory and Uncertainty Quantification for Cyber Defense Applications.” SIAM News 49(6).


Page 65 of 278

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