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Cyber Technical Assessments, Test Ranges, Testbeds, and Toolkits

Cyber assurance technical assessments afford stakeholders confidence that the systems within their enterprise network architecture are properly secured and monitored. PNNL provides system owners the assurance to manage risk and balance operational objectives through assessments of challenges and threats, as well as any impacts on their systems.

Key Capabilities

  • Evaluation and Development for Operational Environments
  • Simulation and Analytics
  • Adversarial Interactive Testing and Assessments
  • Mission Mapping
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Cyber-Physical Assessments
  • Threat Assessment and Scenario Development

Significant Projects

Test Bed Federation

The Test Bed Federation is a shared, distributed capability for experimental research on controls for the modernized electric power system. This capability will include integration of end users (e.g., buildings) into management of the power grid.


RAVEN is a set of unique tools used to generate real network traffic and provide remote access to range resources. RAVEN’s tools can be used to automate range infrastructure configuration and identify network actions for:
  • Exercises
  • Assessment
  • Identification of tactics, techniques, and procedures.


The Cyber.Gov program aims to improve the cyber defense of civilian federal government department and agency computer networks, both individually and as a whole. The program will include assessments of current operations, tools, and risks, as well as the research, development, and eventual transfer of prototype technologies and integrated systems.

Aircraft Cyber Evaluation

The Aircraft Cyber Evaluation, or ACE, project focuses on the collection, mapping, and assessment of existing technical capabilities as they relate to activities involving aviation cyber assets. ACE is advancing and supporting the development of a comprehensive plan, incorporating applicable activities, and developing the technical capabilities for civilian aviation assets.

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