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Cyber Security

For more than two decades, PNNL has been developing the theory, methods, algorithms, and tools to enable stronger, more resilient technologies and systems. Working in partnership with government agencies and industry, scientists perform research and development to deliver first-of-a-kind solutions to protect the nation's critical strategic assets. PNNL's approach is heavily rooted in a scientific perspective, which provides a foundation for basic and applied research and analysis. Our team develops a variety of cyber technologies and processes that have a direct impact on national security and scientific missions.


Cyber Situational Awareness

PNNL equips the cyber defense community with targeted information, robust secure networks, and monitoring and reporting capabilities. Rapid response to emerging threats is enabled through integrated cyber awareness and data sharing. Informed by government insight, our research widens the aperture of threat awareness to high-consequence systems and critical infrastructure on the national scale.

Cyber Technical Assessments, Test Ranges, Testbeds, and Toolkits

PNNL's testbed capability includes multiple reconfigurable and cross-infrastructure high-fidelity simulation environments. These infrastructures provide realistic testing and adversarial training capabilities, tools, and processes to assess the security and performance of software, hardware, mobile platforms, and commodity devices. In addition, our teams develop and provide highly specialized training through modeling real-world information technology and operational technology enterprise networks. Interactive training, testing, and assessments toolkits are used to assess the security and performance of software, hardware, mobile platforms, and other devices.

Secure and Adaptive Systems Research, Engineering, and Resiliency

PNNL leads research, development, and engineering of dynamically secure and resilient software, networks, hardware, industrial control systems, mobile devices, components, and other network-enabled devices that can achieve mission objectives even in a compromised state and recover from the compromise through active sensing and response.

Computing Research

Research Areas