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Past Workshops

SIAM CSE 2017–Minisymposterium CM4 Session: Mesoscale Computational Approaches for Heterogeneous Materials
A CM4 poster session, organized by Paul J. Atzberger (UCSB), was held at the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering. The “minisymposterium,” a new session format for SIAM, featured short presentations followed by extended discussions and poster sessions. The CM4 session focused on emerging applications and computational methods required to account for physical phenomena in novel regimes beyond the reach of traditional mean-field theories or purely continuum descriptions. CM4 researchers also presented results on these topics and discussed open-source software packages.
February 27-March 03, 2017 ♦ Atlanta, Georgia

CM4–Sandia: Opportunities in Mesoscale Modeling and Simulation of Heterogeneous Materials Workshop
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Held at Sandia National Laboratories, mathematical and computational tools important to CM4, such as mesoscale particle simulations, the LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Simulator, and phase field models, were focal points of the workshop, which included speakers from both Sandia and the CM4 team.
August 30-31, 2016 ♦ Sandia National Laboratories (New Mexico)

Summer School on Multiscale Modeling of Materials
Hosted at Stanford University, CM4’s Summer School on Multiscale Modeling of Materials featured a diverse mathematics program dedicated to fluctuating hydrodynamics approaches, stochastic methods, applications of multiscale modelin, molecular dynamics and continuum mechanics coupling, Mori-Zwanzig, dissipative particle dynamics, coarse-grained stochastic models, and fast linear solvers for multiscale problems.
June 20-23, 2016 ♦ Stanford University

Theory, Algorithms and Applications of Dissipative Particle Dynamics
George Karniadakis is a co-organizer of this workshop devoted to understanding and harnessing the rapid expanding theory, algorithms, and applications of dissipative particle dynamics (DPD), a coarse-grained method designed for mesoscopic simulations, to various research fields.
September 21-23, 2015 ♦ Shanghai University (China)

International Symposium on Fractional PDEs: Theory, Numerics and Applications
George Karniadakis is the co-organizer for the first-ever U.S. workshop on Fractional Partial Differential Equations. The conference will be held in June in Newport, Rhode Island and will focus on sharing international advances in the methodology and applications of FPDEs as well as on introducing young U.S. postdocs in simulation science to these emerging computational methods. More information

CM4 Kickoff Meeting
The kickoff meeting for the Modeling Mesoscale Processes of Scalable Synthesis Project was held in Seattle, WA on September 10-11, 2012. The focus of this meeting was to produce a defined research plan, a technical roadmap, and a path forward in an effort to collectively produce a document for the client that will include milestones and metrics of success.


Collaboratory on Mathematics for Mesoscopic Modeling of Materials (CM4)


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