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Pachelbel – e-Learning Content Development and Management System

Pachelbel Diagram

e-Learning is a popular, cost-effective alternative and supplement to traditional classroom instruction. Through e-Learning, travel costs for students and instructors are eliminated and the time to complete training is usually dramatically reduced. However, with many e-Learning systems, instructors are not provided the means to create and deliver the level of instruction that they would in a classroom environment. Likewise, there is often very little support for student learning styles, "hands-on" instruction, and exploration. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Pachelbel e-Learning development and delivery system remedies these shortcomings by enabling course designers to tailor training to the needs of individual students, by simplifying course content development, and by managing the course when delivered over the Internet. Pachelbel keeps track of student profile information to tailor the content to student needs: learning content and individual elements of each page of the training application can be altered on the fly to better meet the learner's needs and the course designer's instructional approach. To meet U.S. Department of Defense requirements, Pachelbel produces SCORM conformant training content and it provides a SCORM conformant Learning Management System.

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