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Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

As China and India continue to rapidly develop, the demand for energy increases dramatically and experts predict that current world resources will reach peak production very soon. Everyone from our government officials to the everyday consumer understand that rising energy prices have an exponential impact on the United States economy. Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are working hard to address this growing problem and prevent potential global disasters that could result from depleted energy resources.

Among our priorities at PNNL, we are searching for ways to reduce our nation's dependence on imported oil and increase U.S. energy capacity by tapping into new energy sources. We do this with a careful eye on our environment - striving to lessen the effects of generating that energy.

Work with our team to increase the use of renewable energy, improve the reliability of our energy grid and protect our nation's critical infrastructure. PNNL scientists have impacted other big science problems with solid solutions and continue to work every day for that next technological advancement. We invite you to take a look at the available technologies to leverage for your next energy solution. Or together we can take a fresh look and start a new research project. As partners, we can change the future for energy and utilities.

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