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As the price per barrel of oil continues to rise, consumers are taking the brunt of increasing costs in everything from gasoline to cosmetics. Creating more fuel-efficient vehicles and finding ways to use renewable rather than petroleum-based materials to produce vehicle body parts are some of the ways we can start bringing those costs down.

Researchers at PNNL are developing ways to use biomass to make products that have traditionally been derived from petroleum. They are also working to use biomass to create lighter weight materials for use in auto manufacturing. In everything from hydrogen fuel cells to biodiesel to new materials, PNNL scientists are working to increase efficiency and reduce costs for consumers in the areas of automotive and transportation.

PNNL has made it their mission to find ways to reduce our nation's dependence on imported oil, increase U.S. energy capacity and improve the environment by lessening the effects of generating that energy. Join us in researching ways to improve technology in the automotive and transportation industries.

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