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The agriculture and food processing industries can generate significant quantities of waste; however, these materials represent enormous potential as alternative energy sources or chemical feedstocks. Biomass, which can be converted into high-value fuels or other chemical products, demonstrates one example of waste that has the win-win potential of serving our energy needs while cleaning up the environment.

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory strive to find better ways to utilize valuable resources while protecting the rich environments from which they are derived. We have decades of process technology experience that offer almost limitless solutions for industry. The Laboratory's expertise in catalysis is helping us generate new processes for creating high-value products from low-value starting materials. And together with our partners in industry, our research in thermo chemical conversions is providing new ways to convert organic biomass such as grass and wood chips into oil. For the food processing industry, our scientists have developed sensor technologies that improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of processed food.

It's a challenge to stay ahead of the pack when competing in a global marketplace. PNNL understand the realities of business. Use our scientific capabilities to advance your position. With world-class researchers and a growing portfolio of existing technologies, PNNL is ready to partner with you to make a difference for the future.

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