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The compact disc technology was developed at PNNL
PNNL has developed productive technologies that take form in industrial products and consumer goods. One example of that is the compact disc technology developed at PNNL back in the 1970s.

Collaborative Research at PNNL

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's work for the U.S. federal government focuses primarily on fundamental and applied research to address critical national issues including securing our homeland, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and protecting natural resources. The projects we complete in these areas arm us with tools and information that private industry can use to improve lives while keeping our nation competitive in a technology-driven world.

  • Do you seek to tackle similar national challenges?
  • Would your company value collaboration with some of the nation's—and world's—top researchers?
  • Could a partnership between us complement our respective business needs and expertise?

Our facilities are best-in-class for many areas of scientific study, and there are a variety ways to partner with us. We may already have what you need—and it may be available for licensing—we might be mere steps away from discovering it...together.

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