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See our presentation videos on YouTube from Microbial Communities: Stewards of the Universe, a symposium held October 9, 2009 at the EMSL Auditorium.

Why Microbial Communities?
Dr. Jim Fredrickson, PNNL Laboratory Fellow, defines microbial communities and describes their scientific relevance as they relate to solving problems in energy, climate, and sustainability.

Yellowstone Hot Spring Microbial Mats as Natural Models for Systems Microbiology and Biofuel Development
Dr. David Ward, Professor of Microbial Ecology, Montana State University, describes cyanobacterial mats inhabiting hot springs in Yellowstone National Park as model systems from which to learn principles of microbial community ecology.

Microbial Communities Initiative—Melding Technology, Experimentation, and Theory
Dr. Allan Konopka, PNNL Laboratory Fellow describes PNNL's Microbial Communities Initiative.

Single-Cell Phenotyping for Understanding Microbial Function
Dr. Mary Lidstrom, Vice Provost for Research, University of Washington, describes an approach that couples a microbial community function-based live cell presorting step to single-cell analysis at both the physiological and genetic levels.

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Beyond the Batch: Understanding the Physical and Biological Structure of Microbial Communities
February 7, 2011
12:30 p.m.
EMSL Auditorium

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