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Biological Sciences

Transcriptome and Proteome Mapping of the Mouse Brain

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health
Contact: David Camp
Collaborator: Desmond Smith, UCLA School of Medicine

A major goal for post-genomic biology is to understand how the one-dimensional genome gives rise to the staggering 3D complexity of the mammalian brain. To address this problem, it is necessary to spatially map transcripts, proteins, and the networks they form in the brain at a genome-wide level. Our role in this project is to employ LC-FTICR in combination with voxelation to map protein expression patterns in the mouse brain at volumetric resolutions of 11 μl and 1 μl. When combined with transcript expression patterns in the mouse brain at a genome-wide scale, this information will lead to insights into translational and post-translational control in the brain. Subsequent mining and display, along with statistical techniques, of the combined data are expected to provide an intellectual infrastructure to help understand how the digital information encoded by the genome is transformed into the 3D structure of the brain.

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