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Biological Sciences

Biomarker Discovery Initiative with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health
Contact: David Camp

The presence of a tumor is hypothesized to change the plasma proteome in a diagnostic fashion; that is, either globally or non-globally. If changes to the plasma proteome are global, then undirected protein profiling, in which thousands of proteins are detected and quantified, is an approach for biomarker discovery. To test this portion of the hypothesis, we are using a combination of LC-FTICR and -LCQ tandem mass spectrometry techniques to globally profile proteins from both cancer-bearing and cancer-free mice. The mass and elution time information obtained from these global analyses for the basis for "look-up" tables of accurate mass and time tags for mouse plasma proteins. One table will reflect proteins from cancer-bearing mice, and the other, proteins from cancer-free mice. These tables will be employed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in subsequent tests to determine whether undirected protein profiling is the answer to potential biomarker discovery or whether a more directed approach will be required.

Biological Sciences

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