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Biological Sciences

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MOSAIC: Metabolic and Spatial Interactions in Communities

MOSAIC researchers James Moran, left, and Helen Kreuzer, right, gather samples from a hot spring in Yellowstone Park.
Environmental Significance of the Groundwater—Surface Water Interaction Zone

Alex Crump shows PNNL's Environmental Significance of the Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Zone project to guests from Virginia Tech.
Microbiomes in Transition (MinT)

Scientist Janet Jansson studies complex microbiomes in soil and the human intestine to understand changes in the composition or function of microbes.
Center for Systems Biology of EnteroPathogens

This three-dimensional model provides an approach to study how changes in bacteria affect gut health and overall human health.
Proteomics Research Resource for Integrative Biology (BTRC)

Chemists Young-Mo Kim (foreground) and Erin Baker (background) prepare biological samples for a variety of 'omics analyses.

Biological Sciences

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