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MOSAIC: Metabolic and Spatial Interactions in Communities

A close view of a microbial mat, the layered habitat of some communities of aquatic microbes.

MOSAIC is a multidisciplinary, lab-wide team of investigators digging into the principles of microbial community design: the fundamental principles governing microbial community structure and function. From these emerge higher-order properties, such as resistance and resilience.

Microbiomes in Transition (MinT)

Scientist Janet Jansson studies complex microbiomes in soil and the human intestine to understand changes in the composition or function of microbes.

MinT, or the Microbiomes in Transition Initiative, integrates multidisciplinary research at PNNL related to carbon and nutrient cycling in soils, a major factor in climate change; pollutant degradation by microbial means; plant growth promotion; and the cause and prevention of disease.

Environmental Significance of the Groundwater—Surface Water Interaction Zone

Alex Crump shows PNNL's Environmental Significance of the Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Zone project to guests from Virginia Tech.

Our Subsurface Science program combines a range of science specialties across PNNL, including geochemistry and subsurface hydrology, in order to understand, simulate, design, operate and control subsurface environmental processes.

Chemical Nanoscope

A "chemical nanoscope" imaging platform that can interrogate biomolecules in living systems is part of a new DOE pilot program, funded by the Office of Science

This new and novel live-cell imaging program will make it possible to record images down to the resolution of a single microbial cell, with subcellular resolution of around 10 nanometers. The new nanoscale, ultrasensitive imaging capability will also permit an entire microbial community (a microbiome) to be chemically mapped down to the range of some hundreds of microns.

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