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Biological Sciences


At PNNL, our soil science expertise is uniquely deep. Senior and junior scientists and cohorts of exceptional post-docs are driving advances in understanding the intricate physical, chemical, and biological interactions within soil systems. From shovel to pipette, we observe, innovate, and employ complex mathematical and computational tools to codify our research into models.

To investigate how minerals, microbes, water, chemistry, and physics interact in soils, our scientists don’t act alone. We collaborate across PNNL and across the nation. We also have fruitful cross-campus collaborations with the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL), a national science user facility that has put us on the leading edge of soil carbon cycle research.

Key Researchers

Vanessa Bailey - Scientist, TL

Sarah Fansler
Vanessa Garayburu-Caruso
Emily Graham
Matthew Marshall
Hilda Paz
Peyton Smith
James Stegen
Kathe Todd-Brown

Biological Sciences


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