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Temporal & Spatial Regulation of LDR/LDRt-Induced Pathways


  • Measure the temporal and spatial profiles of molecular targets associated with functional signaling modules identified in Objective 1, with an initial emphasis on targets that may have functional implications in carcinogenesis, skin integrity, and tissue remodeling
  • Characterize the differentiation profile and the relative rates of proliferation and apoptosis
  • Understand spatial effects associated with LDR/LDRt using targeted exposures in the skin tissue

In this objective, we are performing targeted studies in the tissue context (3D skin model system) to determine

  • Where and when responses occur
  • What cell type might be responsible for the observed response
  • How responses vary with time, dose, and dose rate

3D skin model system


Skin is a spatially heterogeneous system, and can provide detailed information on different scales (molecular→cellular→tissue). Therefore, spatial information is needed to define complex cell-cell communication patterns that occur in tissues.

spatially heterogeneous system

PNNL's Low Dose Radiation Research Program


Fundamental & Computational Sciences



DOE Program Manager
Noelle Metting

BER Sector Manager
Harvey Bolton

Principal Investigator
Bill Morgan

Science Advisor
Tony Brooks