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Biological Sciences

Data Integration & Computational Modeling

The purpose of our data integration and computational modeling work is to

  • Provide connectivity between Objective 1 (molecular profiling), Objective 2 (spatial/temporal), and Objective 3 (persistent outcomes) of the SFA through iterative computational and experimental strategies
  • Generate functional and scalable module-based modeling of LDR/LDRt-induced signaling in multi-cellular systems
  • Develop kinetic dose-rate models of tissue-level effects of irradiation using depth penetration (local dose), oxygen/water transport, and spatial paracrine interactions

Integration of multiple 'omics datasets provides more comprehensive network coverage

omics datasets

PNNL's Low Dose Radiation Research Program


Fundamental & Computational Sciences



DOE Program Manager
Noelle Metting

BER Sector Manager
Harvey Bolton

Principal Investigator
Bill Morgan

Science Advisor
Tony Brooks