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Biological Sciences

PNNL's Low Dose Radiation Research Program Scientific Focus Area

Radiation Experimental designs are developed to interrogate complex signaling in human skin tissue.

Linear and Nonlinear Tissue-Signaling Mechanisms in Response to Low Dose and Low Dose-Rate Radiation

This program is funded as a U.S. Department of Energy Scientific Focus Area (SFA), and is an integrated cooperative program to understand low dose radiation effects in a complex model system.


The goal of PNNL's Low Dose Radiation (LDR) Program is to develop a systems-level predictive understanding of LDR, low dose-rate (LDRt) effects by defining the molecular response of tissues to LDR and extending these experimental findings to studies addressing their consequences on tissue homeostasis and pathophysiology.


These objectives are supported by Data Integration & Computational Modeling.

The program has three objectives

  1. Molecular Profiling of LDR/LDRt-dependent Signaling Pathways
  2. Temporal and Spatial Regulation of LDR/LDRt-Induced Pathways
  3. Functional Outcomes of Radiation Exposure

PNNL's Low Dose Radiation Research Program


Fundamental & Computational Sciences



DOE Program Manager
Noelle Metting

BER Sector Manager
Harvey Bolton

Principal Investigator
Bill Morgan

Science Advisor
Tony Brooks